16 December 2011

A bit of bling!

Just had to share a photo of the gold plating on one of the paisleys. It really was like opening a little packet of treasure when it arrived back. Soooooo shiny and very blingy! I haven't worn gold for years, but I didn't take this off, as I was really pleased with how it looked. The only thing is it does terrible things to the price. I'm looking for lots of feedback on this before I go overboard on the plating.

I'll post a picture of it on when I get the chance.

Beautiful garnets

I spent a little time today working with these micro faceted garnets. I have bought quite a few semi precious beads recently, but have not used any of them until today. Beading is a skill of its own, with new tools and components to learn about. With the right tools, I managed to achieve what I was intending. This was a good dry run for the beading I want to use in my polar bear necklace. I used the garnets today, as I have been working in the sketchbook on Valentine ideas (!). I definitely want to use etched text in the pieces, but it will also be nice to incorporate some semi precious beads. I have been wearing this today, and it sparkles beautifully.

The photo does not really do justice to the gorgeous colour of the garnets, but hey; there was no daylight and not even a daylight bulb to be seen!

12 December 2011

Warm welcome and happiness here

Needed to occupy myself today, so I did this...

1 December 2011

Finished Paisleys

I am so pleased with these (am I allowed to say that?) I have travelled in India, worked WITH India (my days in the Fashion Industry), worked IN India (hopping on planes to sort out production issues) and there are bits of it that I love, love, love. In fact I can't wait to go back to Rajasthan - (but who knows when I will manage that?)

For ages I have been mulling over doing something Indian inspired, and finally with the catalyst of picking up some beautiful hand painted miniatures of Gods and Goddess I got cracking in the sketch book and came up with  a paisley motif that I was really happy with. (Blogged earlier.)

Some sawing and piercing later, I had an array of shapes that I really loved. They have now been small batch cast (so I don't have to cut them out each time), and after Hallmarking and polishing; some are now ready and in in the Etsy shop - as well as round my neck!

There is more work to do with them. For a start,  a bit more mix and matching with the Gods, a few more photos to be taken, and some gold plating to be finalised. - Now that's exciting!

30 November 2011

New listings in the Etsy shop now

If you click on the Etsy link on the right of this page, you can purchase any of the items blogged below. Hope to get more listings done tomorrow, but for now it looks like awful light has halted my photography. (By the way... any photographers out there who want lots of jewellery to photograph, pleeeease get in touch!) x

Green Brazilian Amethyst ring

Re-make of the gorgeous one I made for my friend Allie, just because it was so perfect.

Just because I love the new boxes...

Three sets of bangles. One with a semi precious stone, one plain.

These are a great price, and make a gorgeous gift- especially now I have my new boxes and bags. The first is a rutilated clear quartz, its shot through with tiny golden needles.

The second is a very natural looking aquamarine, it reminds me of water.

The third is a freeform cut moonstone. There is just something magic about moonstones and the way they catch the light.

They all measure 21cm which is a fairly standard size. I will try and get them in the Etsy shop today.

Gorgeous Blue London Topaz ring

Stunning colour, I love this shade of Topaz!

Pair of joined bangles with gorgeous milky green Prehnite stone

These look lovely and there is a ring with a Prehnite too. It is one of my favourite semi precious stones right now.

The snow fell like dust....

....a couple of these back from Hallmarking.

29 November 2011

1000 hits

Hurrah! Happy to report over 1000 hits have now been made on this blog. And from all over the world too. It is amazing how far reaching it has been. Who would have thought a year ago, that my jewellery would be winging it's way around the world? Latest posting today was to Sweden!

On another note... 34 items back from Hallmarking today. Hope to post lots of pics tomorrow.

28 November 2011

Pop up Shop

Sneek peek of the venue for the Christmas Pop up Shop opening this week...

Two new rings

Definitely time for some jewellery postings. Here are two new rings that are finished, hallmarked, and for sale. One is a gorgeous Pale Green Brazilian Amethyst. This is the second ring that I have done with a stone like this one, as the first was so beautiful.

The second is a stunning brilliant blue Topaz, which is a 'Blue London' coloured stone (this name refers to this specific shade).

They will be £110 each. If you want one, please e-mail me. I am not sure if they are going on Etsy, in the Parkshot Gallery, or into the Pop up Shop- but if you contact me direct, I can put one by for you.

By the way... what do you think of the boxes. They arrived just in time for the fundraiser on Friday and I have already used quite a few. I was really pleased with them, and thanks to Rachel for managing to get the order to me for the deadline. Some international orders sent out today - USA and a couple of bits to Japan. How exciting!

23 November 2011

And the aurora borealis danced across the sky...

...ahhhh just getting my fix of Frozen Planet on TV. The Northern lights over the Arctic. I just had to post this picture from my trip to the wilderness of Northern Finland earlier this year. You can understand why I came back full of inspiration.

This photo was taken by Stephen Worrall who was staying at the same hotel. He got some great shots.

Christening keepsake

I finished this today and I really love it. it is a Christening bangle, but more than that, eventually the small tags can be worn on a chain, or it could even be used as a key ring. It has the name, the date of birth and a perfect little blue Aquamarine which is the birth stone for March. I think it is very special.

Actually the last week has been very productive. I have been a busy bee. Unfortunately the camera has conked (I had to use my sons for the picture above, but could I get it to take any more decent macro shots?!?) Anyway I have finished a Blue London Topaz ring which is such a stunning colour, a huge green amethyst ring, (which definitely has my name on it!), a delicate rose cut, round pillow shaped prehnite ring, four sets of pairs of bangles, the paisleys have come back from casting so there will be four or five necklaces done. I have just set it all out on it's tables, and I am really pleased with the results. On Friday it is going to be at a Charity Fundraiser event, where I will be donating 10% of my sales to a Cancer research project: Childhood Cancer: searching for the genes behind the disease. It also means stock levels are up for the opening of the Pop up shop which is happening next week.

21 November 2011

One door closes, and another opens...

I visited Sparkle at the Landmark Centre on Friday evening. I was originally meant to be taking part in this event, but pulled out as I thought it would mean family taking second place in the build up to it, and decided that this was not right for us this year. In the end I am sure I could have done it, and actually I wished I was taking part as I went round - there was such a lovely atmosphere. The big old converted church that this Arts Centre is in really is a stunning venue. ... Next year - if they will have me!

As the title says, one door closes and another one opens. Yesterday I received an unexpected e-mail inviting me to be part of a pop-up gallery / shop in the West End in the run up to Christmas, so looks like I could be pretty flat out despite missing Sparkle. Luckily I am taking part in an event this Friday, so was a busy girl last week working on items for that, so stock levels are OK.

The 'to do' list is long! Last night I was up late sewing the little bags that are part of my packaging, I need to get my castings back and polish them all up, I am waiting for my order of new boxes to arrive, I have to keep on producing, oh and I have a Star wars party to organise for thirteen 5 and 6 year olds on Saturday. Guess I might skip some sleep this week!

16 November 2011


The Birthday Fairy presented me with a rather special bit of kit today. My own super duper pendant drill. Non of that hobby drill business going on here. Is it wrong to get excited about power tools? My sister in law said I was a very modern woman, getting (and getting excited about) a drill, and also wanting to change the wheel when the car got a flat this morning. Only a shame the car didn't actually have a spare wheel! Celebratory Birthday Thai food was eaten last night, and cake scoffing will take place later today. Apologies to all of you who have tuned in to see the latest installment of some pretty jewellery...I leave you instead with a picture of a drill! Happy day!

It's even got an accelerator pedal!

15 November 2011

Christmas sparkle

I have been trying to play around with my photography today, so I can give my Etsy shop a bit of Christmas sparkle. Typically the light is awful today, but I managed to find an old daylight bulb that I had. The tricky part was then finding a light it fitted in. Here are a couple of the results, I thought I would post them here before editing the shop.

11 November 2011

Pleased with the results...

I have just finished hand piercing (sawing) some little shapes for the collection I was working on this week, and I am going to send these ones off for casting. (A mould is made of my original, and then they can cast sterling silver replicas for me to avoid hours and hours of hand piercing.) I am really pleased with them. I think the different scales work really well in different combinations, alone and with semi precious beads and the Indian hand painted Gods that you can see in an earlier post.

All week I have been wearing a chocker with these two bits below on. (They have not been 'finished' in this photo- just work in progress.) I have decided not to cast the bigger shape, but to cut and solder this individually when I need it.

I was playing about with how some of the smaller bits look, and really like them in this combination. It's quite delicate for me, but I know I'll wear one of these.

Some are going to be gold plated.

I can't wait to get them back, but will have to be patient for a week or so, and then I'll need another week for hallmarking. Ooooo - wish I could speed it all up.

9 November 2011

The Parkshot Gallery

Just popped in to see how my stuff looked, and was really thrilled that someone loved and bought a pair of my bangles while I was there. There was a brilliant buzz about the place, and I think it will be constantly busy. Hurrah!

8 November 2011


A little bit more done today. Happy with how it's evolving...

7 November 2011

Inspired by India

Apart from my amazing trip to the Arctic, one of my other most amazing trips was out into the dusty landscape of Rajasthan some years ago. It really was a visual feast, and I know I will return there again one day. Anyway, I have known for sometime that my next mini collection would be of an Indian theme, but I was not sure exactly what form it would take. Today with the kids packed off back to school after a two week half term, I had the time to get working in the sketch book and then start working in silver on some paisly shapes.

I also recently picked up these amazing hand painted 'Gods' which I love. I found them when I was buying gems, as of course a lot of gemstones are cut in India so a couple of the dealers had these. They are so me - small pictures, set in silver, under glass!

Of course, the story will also feature stones, and I am thinking pink tourmaline, and possibly carnelian. Decades ago, the editor of British Vogue was quoted as saying 'Pink and orange are the navy blue of India', out in Rajasthan you can really believe it.

I'll keep you posted on progress. I really want to crack on with this while the ideas are fresh. Just wish I had instant access to some good gem beads.

2 November 2011

Parkshot Gallery

Yesterday, I safely delivered 16 pieces for the new Parkshot Gallery which is opening next week in Richmond. I promise to post some pics to show them on display. I have no idea yet what else will be alongside my items, as there was nothing to see yesterday. It is rather an experiment, and I keep my fingers crossed it is a success.

30 October 2011

Delicate shades of green

Here are some more of yesterday's purchases. The palest, milky green coloured prehnite stones, some with wonderful inclusions. I seem to be drawn to these again and again. I think I will set one of the round ones in a gold ring, but the other stones will be bezel set in silver and be added to other silver bits on chains. I am not sure yet what will happen to the beads. I have some experimenting to do.

29 October 2011

Buying gemstones

Been busy today buying more sparkly stones, and some semi precious beads for future projects. It was really nice to meet up with Jeweller and artist Hannah Willow, to share some thoughts, ideas, and a coffee. I will do another post leading you to Hannah's work, but it the mean time, I'll leave you with a typical view from today, and you will understand why it is easy to spend a fortune. Self control required!

21 October 2011

Flickr stream

Finally got round to uploading some images to Flickr here. It's the first time I have used it. I guess it is quite handy if you want to show someone images of my work. Feel free to pass it on!

A small speck of sunshine

Some of my stuff is disappearing of to a gallery for a while, which might make life tricky if someone buys it from the Etsy shop- so today I was up early and made this little silver bezel, and set this lovely free form citrine to make a second "not all those who wander are lost" necklace. This way I still have the one that is in the Etsy shop in stock.

The pendant is etched, and has a soft brushed finish. With the citrine on this, it sits really well with the other pieces going on display, as the pair of bangles set with a similar citrine will also there.

I am actually really excited about a big chunk (16 pieces) of my work going off. They looked great all in their new packaging, so fingers crossed for a few sales, and some new interest.

20 October 2011

Sewing fun

I can never resist an opportunity to get the sewing machine out, so look what I made yesterday. These little drawstring bags are so much nicer than the black velvet inserts that came with the boxes.

19 October 2011

Albatross is in the shop

Freshly back from being hallmarked, this one has just gone into the Etsy shop. Click on the Etsy shop link on the right to see it there.

New boxes

A little stash of new boxes arrived yesterday. I have always liked the 'clunk' of the traditional jewellery boxes I was using, but feedback suggests that people thought these did not reflect my pared down, contemporary look. These ones are card with a lovely cream satin finish.

I have been thinking of getting them printed with my name - BUT you need to order a lot, so I could be using them for years to come. It's a big commitment - financially, and to one particular logo!

I plan to get the sewing machine out this afternoon, and try some little fabric bags to go inside them. They are supplied with black velvet covered foam, and it's just not quite right. Watch this space.

New rings

They still need a little more finishing; but I have set a couple of my lovely stones, a bright topaz, and a beautiful big pink amethyst. Its always a struggle not to keep these kind of rings, but I will put them in the Etsy shop.

12 October 2011


I know it's a while until Christmas, but I had in mind some ideas around mistletoe and I started working on this yesterday. I made this pendant, which has lovely movement. I am really pleased with it as a starting point. I think I might add some real pears for the berries, so there is still more to do yet. I imagine it on a very long chain. It might make it to the Etsy shop, or I might keep this one for myself.

11 October 2011

What shall we learn today?

Actually, it should read 'what can I teach today?' Yesterday morning I really enjoyed teaching my friend Sophie to make a ring. Sophie is rather like me in that she makes all sorts of things from all sorts stuff, so I decided that we could do a skills swop and I would teach her how to make a ring, and she would teach me... who knows what on a different day.

Just because you can make, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can explain to others how to do the same. But it went really well. I think it was helped by the fact that Sophie is practical and used to working with her hands. After a few hours we had a lovely finished shiny ring.

I still remember (even though it was a long time ago!) that first evening class I went to, and the first exercise we did that was making a ring. I was astounded and delighted.

Now what I really need is some honest feedback from Sophie, as to wether I was any good, or where I 'could do better' trouble is I don't think she would be anything but polite!

10 October 2011

A 70th Birthday commission

I have just finished a version of my Family necklace - without photos on for a change. It is a commission for a special birthday, and it has the names and birth dates of four grandchildren on it. I am sure the recipient will be touched by the idea of such a unique gift.

5 October 2011


Not long ago I finished reading 'A dip in the Ocean' by Sarah Outen, a 23 year old who rowed solo across the Indian Ocean. The adventurer in me loves to read about other people's exploits. It started with 'Sally's Odd at Sea', which was written by a fellow Straggler Club runner. She rowed the Atlantic - with her mother!!! ... Anyway... I loved reading about Sarah being joined in the middle of nowhere by huge meandering albatrosses. I like to think that I can imagine just how she felt. It inspired this necklace that is shown in work on my bench peg tonight.

It sounds like Sarah misses her mum when she is off on her travels, and I am sure her mum misses her. I had a romantic idea about making them matching albatross necklaces with my little 'not all those who wander are lost' etched onto them, but for now, I'll settle for this one which I will finish off and pop in the Etsy shop.

29 September 2011

Not all those that wander are lost

I love this little phrase. It was something I found when there was a possibility of a commission coming up, for someone who was going to leave their job to go traveling. They were going to be missed; but they would eventually return.

Along with the etched text, (which I decided not to oxidise); there is a little prehnite stone that I have set in a sterling silver bezel. I finished this today and I will pop it in my Etsy shop this evening.

As you can see, I have been out photographing it today in this crazy hot Summer sun we are having, even though it is now Autumn! I have tried putting it on some colours for a change, as it probably stands more chance of being included in a themed Etsy treasury. Not sure how the brighter colours will sit in my shop though?

28 September 2011

Another commission completed

It was great to get another commission finished today, but I can't risk posting a photo just yet in case the recipient sees it on this blog, and her husband's 'Oh so romantic surprise gift' to her is spotted!

Instead, here is a photo of a little commission I did a couple of weeks ago, of an Ironman Logo pendant. For those that don't know what an Ironman is, you have to complete a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and then run a marathon. There is often a cut off time of around 17 hours for the event. I don't know the person who this was commissioned for, but I bet she will be delighted that someone had gone to the effort to organise such a unique and well earned gift for her.