1 July 2014

Open Studio this weekend

So it's a hive of activity here at CB HQ, with slight panic in the air. This weekend I am flinging wide the doors to the studio as part of the local Borough's Artist Open Studio event, called ARThouse. (I do wish they would just call it Open Studios - far more obvious to the general public what it's all about!)

It suddenly focuses your mind; opening the stock box and giving things a polish. It makes me realise, what I have got, what I haven't got, what I need to make, what I need to move on to next. It is very easy to get caught up in day to day orders and commissions, and scarcely find the time to move on and create new things.

Speaking of which, I was busy in the sketchbook at the weekend, working on something new. I took loads of photographs for inspiration last Summer and am only just getting round to scribbling new ideas for well needed new pieces. It felt good.

So as well as making, silver dipping, and polishing, it becomes time to take stock. Do I have enough business cards, postcards, tissue paper and bags? I spent Monday night sewing a batch of the little pure white cotton muslin bags that I like to pop my jewellery in before putting it in my little boxes. I love attention to detail, but I do give myself one more little pressure by doing this.

The studio itself needs a really good clean and tidy, it's definitely a working space just at the moment, even though it is supposed to have one end for work, and one end that is for display. Most of you know that I really love my studio. I had it built a couple of years ago. It was a big investment, but with all the chemicals, sharp tools and polishing equipment, it was preferable to have it out of the house, especially as I have children. 

I also bought it with the intention of teaching in it, but this hasn't really been able to get off the ground, as I am living in some strange limbo land, not knowing how long I will get to stay here now - I could hardly ask people to sign up for a course and then move house when they were half way through. 

So this weekend, I shall be pouring the Pimms, making some jewellery, welcoming the public. I have been rather low key about the whole thing this year, but it means the pressure is off and the event is exactly as it is supposed to be, an artist, in their space, showing and demonstrating their work to the public. Just hope I get some visitors!

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th July
11am - 6pm
65 Holmesdale Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 9LJ
07946 588019