29 July 2012

Commissions for delivery tomorrow

Just (!) finished these commissions which I am delivering tomorrow. Someone asked me to make these tiny cufflinks for her children to give to her husband on his 40th birthday. The cufflinks have the photos of his two boys set behind picture glass.

She also commissioned this bangle for her friends 40th. It has the initials of her three children on. 

It's nice to be able to tick some of the commissions off the list and hand them over. Fingers crossed that they go down well!

24 July 2012

New Arctic Hare brooch

After a brief pause for a damp week of camping in Dorset (hmmnnn, Summer arrived just as we returned home), work has been continuing, all rather erratically now the kids are off. Just wanted to show you something I have been working on as I think it's rather lovely. It is actually a commission, but I think I might just make one of these for myself.

It is not finished yet. The bezel needs a polished finish, and then the moonstone setting. The hare needs to have its proper brushed finish. Then this little beauty can whizz off to it's new owner, who used to own a quirky little jewellery shop here in Teddington, and who has just started to learn to make silver jewellery herself.

Couldn't resist adding a few holiday snaps to this post... these buildings are all nestled at the bottom of Corfe Castle. Just gorgeous.

This surely must be one of the tiniest cottages ever. Jasper is only six, and he's nearly as big as the door!

11 July 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

What a surprise. The lovely Tania at Moonflygirl chose my blog today to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award. (Oh! Bit bright for my blog!)

Tania spends lots of time on the banks of the Thames at low tide. Here she finds shards of ancient pottery and glass, and makes them into beautiful jewellery. You really must look at her blog. I just couldn't resist posting this picture of her work to get you interested.

So the rules of the Kreativ Blogger Award are that I have to link back to the person who awarded me, pass this award on to 7 other blogs that I enjoy reading, and also reveal 7 facts about myself. Actually its a great way to discover and connect with interesting and creative people around the globe. So my seven facts are:

1. I have always loved making, stitching, drawing. It's a necessary part of my life.
2. I run marathons.
3. I have a degree in Fashion and Textiles.
4. I just got a garden studio - hurrah!
5. In my London garden, I grow vegetables and keep chickens.
6. I love being out in the open air, surrounded by the elements.
7. I long for more travel, especially to return to the desert of Rajasthan.

Now listing the blogs has been tricky, I dip in and out of all sorts of blogs, but here are a few that I love to look at:

Hens Teeth Viv paints, stitches, and embroiders, and I lust after her needle cases and bags. 

Abigail Brown Abigail is a textile artist, illustrator and print designer. I just love her amazing birds that she stitches, and when someone left me a little windfall I just had to buy myself one. GORGEOUS!

wild acre Belinda designs and makes jewellery in silver, inspired by the natural landscape around her home. She tries to tread lightly on the world by working with ethical and re-claimed materials whenever she can. She also has the most amazing garden full of flowers, and you cannot fail to be lifted when you see the gorgeous pictures of the flowers she posts.

Stipje Can't understand a word, but I love how it looks!

Julie Whitmore Pottery Hmmnn I know she's already been given this award, but everyone should see Julies pottery and smile.

Holly Wilcox I love to dip in and look at Holly's delicate jewellery.

Nina Bagley Nina is a jewellery designer and mixed media artist. She lives in the mountains and writes from the heart. There is so much to look at and absorb on Nina's blog, and I always leave it feeling calm and serene.

A diverse collection,  a feast for the senses, and an insight into what makes me tick. Enjoy. x 

Work in progress

So much to do, (and now the kids have broken up for eight weeks of Summer holidays). Here are just some of the commissions currently on the go...

A bangle for someone's 40th with the initials of her children on. Some of my cufflinks that have miniature photos set behind glass for another 40th birthday. A 'Family' necklace commissioned by a Grandmother for a Granddaughter's Christening (her daughter is going to wear it until the Granddaughter is old enough to have it). The most precious 'Family' necklace that I have been asked to do; commissioned as a keepsake that will one day be passed to little G who's Daddy died before she was one.

It such a privilege to make things like this. Things that I know will be so special and precious to the wearer. Things like this are one of the reasons why I love what I do!

7 July 2012

Commission for Rachel

Rachel commissioned this with her sisters, for her mum's 60th birthday. She wanted something simple. I photoetched the initials of the three daughters on it.

1 July 2012

Last day of Open Studios today

Looking forward to another day of having the house and studio open to the public. A chance to see designer / makers in their own surroundings, and to possibly even commission something unique.

Pop along and have a look and a chat!

65 Holmesdale Road, Teddington, TW11 9LJ
07946 588019