3 April 2012

And still to come...

"As she was sleeping she dreamed of all the stars in the sky"
Some silver, some etching, and 1CT of white sapphires. Not quite sure what form this is taking yet, but probably a locket.

Pair of bangles

Here are the tiny faceted aquamarines with a plain silver bangle. The sunshine is letting me down a little today, and is making the photography tricky.

By the way... any photographers out there who want to have a go at shooting jewellery? My skills are limited, and I am sure someone could do a much better job!


I have strung some of the aquamarine and apatite beads, and wanted to pair a beaded bangle with a plain silver one. I made one round one, and one from square wire. They are so simple, and they work perfectly together. I will have to put a pair of these in the shop. Simple perfection.