30 May 2012

Polar Bear Commission

I have just dragged myself in from the studio. Definitely cup-of-tea-o'clock. But I was totally wrapped up in what I was making and was really enjoying myself. Someone had spotted my Polar Bear brooch when it was in the Parkshot Gallery, and they commissioned a necklace based on it.

Funnily enough when I was making the original, I had set out to make a necklace rather than a brooch, but somehow it ended up as a brooch I could wear on my favorite winter coat.

And the little chap is not just on the dressmakers stand for the photo. I had to keep putting it on, and taking it off there, as all the chain lengths and positions had to be well thought out to make it hang as perfectly as possible. As a necklace, this big bit of silver and gravity all try to change the way it hangs - something that did not need to be so well considered as a brooch.

Tomorrow, it needs one more jump ring, some serious cleaning up, and the moonstone setting in it's bezel.   Soon a hallmark, and off to it's new owner. This really is one of my favorite pieces, and it seems quite weird never to have met it's new owner. Hope she's happy with it.

Open studios

Hello blog world, so sorry I have been away! I have been using fb recently instead. Still, here I am to tell you that I have persuaded some other lovelies to join me for Open Studio at the end of June. What  a great event it will be - you can visit my studio and look at the work of seven designer makers, and I have persuaded a photographer to hang some of his prints of local Richmond and Bushy Parks, to add some interest to the white walls of my home. I will post some names and pictures soon - but put the dates in your diary - last two weekends of June! 

Actually, I am getting rather worried, stock levels are low and I need to increase my output. In fact what am I doing here? I'm off up the garden to the new studio. Must get on!