30 October 2012

Festival of Crafts

Apologies all... blog postings have been a little sparse. I needed a little time for R&R post PopUp, but hopefully normal service will resume again soon.

A couple of weekends ago, I drove out to visit the Festival of Crafts at Farnham Maltings. It is a well known destination for Contemporary Craft and this Annual Festival has been on the go for 16 years. Farnham Maltings is a huge space, but subdivided into many rooms on many different levels, which actually gave different bits of the exhibition, a quite different feeling. I just hope I managed to see every bit - it is a bit of a warren.

I was keen to visit the event for lots of reasons... to surround myself with interesting and beautiful things, to get my creativity going, ...because on so many previous occasions I had meant to visit, and also very slightly considering the possibility of applying to show here in the future.

It was interesting to see some of the madebyhandonline.com makers there; Helen Brice and her rings set with lots of minute faceted gems, Henrietta Fernandez who's work I didn't know, and who's work I did like as some of it was clean and graphic like the direction my jewellery has been moving in.

Henrietta Fernandez

It was also nice to see the ceramics of Suet Yi. I liked the uneven shapes of her wall plaques and the muted colours.

So did I buy? ...Only a perfect latte and a morning pastry. But I enjoyed the visit, and I loved being able to take my boys and show them all the lovely things. I think its really important that they grow up being surrounded by art and craft, and there is just a little (massive) bit of me, that hopes they will grow up making things too.

17 October 2012

Post PopUP

I gave myself 48 hours R&R after 14 days on the trot in the PopUp, but to be honest I could do with a bit more!

I really enjoyed my time in the shop. I was lucky enough to have sales almost every day, which is great in this economic climate, but I also loved it because I got to meet lots of interesting people and had the chance to chat to some of them about my work. It was also really nice to hear positive feedback, after a few full on weeks preparing for it.

I was amazed how many friends and acquaintances took the opportunity to pop in. Considering they all know my work, I was really touched by all the support. Thank you all. (I must be doing something right!) A special mention must go to Sally from the Parkshot Gallery, Lucy (ex) Arts Richmond team,  and various local artists who came in and chatted. I strongly believe in creating and supporting a local network for creatives, so the inclusion felt great. Feel the love!

Hopefully it will lead to a few future opportunities. It is already leading to more sales, as a commission order popped up first thing on Monday morning.

But back to reality...
...back to the studio.

Today I had five things to work on. (That's what comes with taking two weeks out from the studio.) I have a commission for a bangle for a graduation ceremony, some cufflnks for a 10 year Wedding anniversary, a tag to make and add to a Family necklace (another off spring was produced!), a past commissioned bangle to make smaller (guess work was in place from the person who commissioned it, but I am seriously worried about the 'correct' measurements they have now given me - this is the smallest bangle I have produced for an adult), and these three stacking rings, which were requested at Open Studio in June - good job I know the person well who is waiting for these. (And to be honest it's because I know her well that she got shuffled down the list - oops sorry Clare!) Hopefully she will think they were worth the wait in the end. In case you were worried - they are not finished!!! But its nice to have some pictures to go with the words.

11 October 2012

Arctic Hares

Seeing the footprints of the lolloping hares in the snow of the arctic inspired...

Brooches with moonstones


Bracelets with aquamarines

and some (as yet) unfinished pins

7 October 2012

my favorite customers

OK so I did have to pay for their shopping (one chocolate frog, and one chocolate mouse each from The Cocoa Mistress, handmade chocolates), but it was lovely to have my boys PopIn to the PopUp yesterday. Can you see them?

6 October 2012

The shop is...

A good opportunity
A change
A chance to meet new and lovely people

...but it also is EXHAUSTING. I've trekked in the Himalayas, walked from one side of Britain right across it to the other side, run three marathons; but nothing is making me ache like standing up and being on alert for nine hours a day.

I am looking forward to pottering in the studio, especially if the sun is shining like this...

3 October 2012


It's taken a long time, but finally got myself on Twitter (@cbezzant) if only to stop my PopUp pals laughing at me. Still working up to my first tweet!

1 October 2012

PopIn to the PopUp

Roll up, roll up, come on in... doors opened today on the latest two week incarnation of the StartUp Britain PopUp shop opposite Richmond Station. It's been three VERY busy weeks of work since the boys went back to school after the Summer break, but at midnight last night, I paused for breath, and admitted to myself that I had done all I could do before the doors opened for business. here are a few pics...

This one shows us starting to get the tags in the window yesterday evening. They were my idea for a way of making a great cohesive window, with such diverse products as a jewellery designer, maker of handmade chocolate, cosmetics company, a designer / illustrator, shoe seller, and boxer shorts and waistcoats made from industry scrap fabrics. My idea was made into reality by resident designer / illustrator Holly Francesca doing the computer work, my dad and his extra big printer printing them out, and the magic of Spraymount and foam board and a little grosgrain ribbon. Best of all, people were stopping by the window and reading them, and even yesterday were asking when we opened!

Here's my little store with in a store.  Just by the window, so great light and the silver and aquamarines just sparkle.

The finished window in daylight. Ah shame - my sparkly fairy lights don't show up in this pic.

The reality is, footfall is low at this end of town, but those who make it in - love it. Some have seen the PopUp in different incarnations, and make a point of coming each time it changes, to see what's new in store. The best comment from a customer today... 'Selfridges has come to Richmond!'

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the store. It has a really relaxed atmosphere, and we have lots of time to catch up for a chat!

2 Kew Road, Richmond, October 1 - 14th, 9 - 6 every day, except Sundays when we close at 4.00.