1 October 2012

PopIn to the PopUp

Roll up, roll up, come on in... doors opened today on the latest two week incarnation of the StartUp Britain PopUp shop opposite Richmond Station. It's been three VERY busy weeks of work since the boys went back to school after the Summer break, but at midnight last night, I paused for breath, and admitted to myself that I had done all I could do before the doors opened for business. here are a few pics...

This one shows us starting to get the tags in the window yesterday evening. They were my idea for a way of making a great cohesive window, with such diverse products as a jewellery designer, maker of handmade chocolate, cosmetics company, a designer / illustrator, shoe seller, and boxer shorts and waistcoats made from industry scrap fabrics. My idea was made into reality by resident designer / illustrator Holly Francesca doing the computer work, my dad and his extra big printer printing them out, and the magic of Spraymount and foam board and a little grosgrain ribbon. Best of all, people were stopping by the window and reading them, and even yesterday were asking when we opened!

Here's my little store with in a store.  Just by the window, so great light and the silver and aquamarines just sparkle.

The finished window in daylight. Ah shame - my sparkly fairy lights don't show up in this pic.

The reality is, footfall is low at this end of town, but those who make it in - love it. Some have seen the PopUp in different incarnations, and make a point of coming each time it changes, to see what's new in store. The best comment from a customer today... 'Selfridges has come to Richmond!'

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the store. It has a really relaxed atmosphere, and we have lots of time to catch up for a chat!

2 Kew Road, Richmond, October 1 - 14th, 9 - 6 every day, except Sundays when we close at 4.00.


  1. Charlotte, just happened upon your little blog by chance this morning. Love what you're doing with the pop up shop and it looks so incredibly professional and inviting. Wish I could get there!
    I shall keep my fingers crossed that you do well- you so deserve it.
    BTW...love your work.

    1. Hey Jules, thanks for stopping by the blog to say hello. I have enjoyed checking out your blog and fb page. Lovely to see all the things you create, and also to see your shed! Everyone should have a shed! When I treated myself to one this year, it was a tough choice - should I go shabby chic, should I go contemporary? In the end the latter, but I am busy persuading my chum down the road to get a pretty one, and keep sending her pictures as inspiration. Here's to all things creative and handmade! C x