22 September 2012

Find me on the High Street

It's just so exciting. A few weeks ago, little old me - Charlotte Bezzant Jewellery, was selected as one of a handful of Start Up businesses, given the opportunity to take my product to the British High Street as part of Start up Britain.

Here's what StartUp Britain says about PopUp Britain: "A temporary shop in Richmond will be occupied by Britain’s most promising small enterprises for two weeks on a rolling basis. All of these start-up retailers already run online businesses, but none of them have the financial clout to take on a shop single-handed.  That's why StartUp Britain has stepped in to offer a co-working, co-funded space for brands to explore new ways of working - and a whole new audience."

So the countdown is on. The shop is in prime position, right opposite Richmond Station. The project is sponsored by such companies as PayPal, Dell and Intel; and supported by the likes of John Lewis and Dwell.

It's quite a leap for a one woman business like mine, and to be honest, I have no idea what the next couple of weeks hold for me. The bottom line is that I know I love what I do; and from the experience of taking my product to the public through the Borough's annual Open Studio Event - I do know I like meeting people and talking about it too! So I am positive that it will be an enjoyable and exciting experience, and that eventually, I will catch up on the sleepless nights leading up to it's start!

To find out how it's going, I promise to keep blogging through at www.cbezzant.blogspot.com, but if it's easier to remember, you can follow links at www.charlottebezzant.com

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