6 September 2012

Boys back at school, me back in the Studio

What a gorgeous day it was today. The boys started back at school, the sun was shining, and it was so warm. With the doors wide open, my studio was a perfect place to be. Things had ground to a halt somewhat over the Summer, and I have some lovely people who have been patiently waiting for special commissions. Today I had five jobs at the top of my list of 'to do'. I managed to get part way through two of the five - things always take longer than I think they will. Here is a version of a 'Family' necklace, that will soon be off to a lovely lady in Australia.

It's not quite finished here, as I wanted to make sure 'E' was happy with it before I finished it totally. Tomorrow I will add the little bit of picture glass that I have filed to shape, and then I will use a traditional stone setting technique, to 'rub over' the metal and hold the glass in place.

The Family behind this commission... The person who commissioned it - her name means 'life' which is symbolised by the leaf (she called this a seaside daisy which she has growing in her garden in Australia), her mother's name means pearl - hence the keisha pearl, the photo shows her grandmother (as a girl) with her great grandmother. Wow!

I'm really pleased with this. The main bezel is about 2.5cm, and the leaf and pearl just over 1 cm. Its on a really long chain. The tiny scale, and the little pieces, are so me. Its just the sort of thing I would wear. In fact it has been lovely to do a commission that so hits the customers brief, without losing the feeling of my work at all. I just wish I could see her face when she gets it!


  1. Sitting here grinning like the Cheshire cat at your lovely description. Pleased that you enjoyed making it...Can't stop looking at the pic. I showed it to my son and had a precious moment discussing the significance of it with him - had to smile when he guessed that the leaf was parsley! I, on the other hand, think you did an amazingly accurate job of a daisy leaf :) 'E'

  2. :-) Just popped it in the Etsy shop as a custom listing. It will be all ready to go in the post tomorrow when I get your address via Etsy. I'll e-mail you a picture of the finished piece. I just used the unfinished one from the other day to save time and get the listing done. Cx