11 September 2012

September garden

It was lovely to be in my garden studio today. A beautiful September day. I had the doors wide open. The sky was a beautiful blue, the sun was shining, and it warming the floor by my feet. Bliss.

I had to write a little bit about myself the other day, and I mentioned that I worked in a garden studio with my chickens one side, and my vegetable patch the other. Today as I worked at one end of the garden, I watched the chickens sneak into the kitchen at the other end. (They know they can find food there!) Through the glass doors, I watched them peck the crumbs from under the breakfast table - naughty things!

The veggie patch is full of little things to look at. Here are my little terracotta cane toppers, a willow obelisk that I use to grow beans or peas up, 'magic stones' that I pick up at the beach hanging on my shed, 'our patch' that I carved in Cotswold stone (after I did a stone carving course), a bird house, and one for ladybirds to hibernate in, some lanterns, and an old beer flaggon from where my husband grew up....

...There's a good crop of courgettes - both green and yellow this year, some corn, some beetroot, leeks, onions, Pumpkin 'Jack o Lantern' grown for carving, and a tiny variety of pumpkin I grow to eat on Halloween, you roast them whole, chop the top off and add a knob of butter...

I keep meaning to do a post about the inside of my studio. I'll try to get round to it soon!

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