21 September 2012

New rings

This week I have been turning some of the lovely stones that I bought at IJL, and that I had in stock, into what I consider to be a scrummy bunch of rings. (It can be a very self indulgent thing this jewellery making. I would happily wear every one of these. But not at the same time you understand - that would just be excessive!) Anyway - the pictures are only work in progress as not one ring is polished or the stone set. I am going to give them all a high polish finish, but I must admit I am really keen on a brushed finish against these subtle blues. Some of these are whoppers, and this is the first time I have worked with a big pyramid cut stone. Jewellery makers reading this will appreciate the extra problems a square bezel can cause. I hope you like them!


  1. Wow, you have been busy. Brushed all the way with those icy blues!:) Have you got a proper monster polisher or do you do by hand/dremel? I seem to be spending half my days polishing without a proper polishing wheel. Hence jewellers' paws - not pretty!!

  2. It's a biggy with two mops, one for tripoli and one for rouge. It was cheap. Bought with grinders on from somewhere like Machine Mart, and then I just changed the grinding wheels to mops from Cooksons. It doesn't have the power of one of the expensive ones, but it was probably under £50 (I've had it a while - can't remember) so at the cheap price, I put up with that. Does the job! X