28 August 2012

Good things happen!

As well as having a great time on holiday, I also had lots of great news. I had left the Blackberry at home, but since I had my i pad with me, I did take a sneeky peek at my e-mails now and again, and I had a whole bundle of exciting e-mails plop in.

Even though I have been making for years, I started my little business about a year ago. I have two young boys, and they take up lots of my time. When boys are at school, or in bed, I draw, and create, and I have been slowly growing the amount of people who are aware of, and happily like my work. So slowly, and manageably, Charlotte Bezzant Jewellery has been growing, and here is what people wrote to me about...

Orleans Gallery asked to take part in an event they are organising. The organisers of Richmond Open Studios are based at the Gallery, and they are all fabulous girls. As well as everyone there being so nice there, the Gallery is based in a gorgeous building. I personally think it's really important to have a local and thriving Arts scene, so I am thrilled they asked me to take part.

I was contacted by someone to design a complete collection for their shop (swoon), based around my Arctic Hares. This is soooooo exciting, and although slightly daunting, I am thrilled as the Hares and new ideas are still swirling round my head anyway. In fact before I went away I had just cut out a hare from 1.5mm sheet, that I was going to use in a necklace for me, using some aquamarine beads I bought recently.

I have been selected to have my own retail space in Richmond for two weeks in October. This is such an amazing opportunity, (as well as a great surprise, there are so many talented makers out there, I applied thinking that I didn't stand a chance!) The shop is right opposite Richmond Station. It is housing six start ups every two weeks, and I will write a separate post on it soon. Boy do I need to get busy making stock!

A fourth piece of good news came today, about something I really wanted to be part of. This one also deserves it's own post, so you'll have to wait a while.

In the meantime, the kids are still off. Jewellery making is still at a bit of a standstill, hence no pictures of work in progress to show you right now. I have lots of commission work still to finish off. If only I could have a whole day in the studio. I think I will have to have a long night in there tomorrow instead!
Goodnight! x

Turkish jewellery

Purely for purposes of inspiration, I was forced to wander the jewellery shops of Kas. (Of which there are quite a few). I bought this amazing ring, which I was told was silver, gold and enamel. This silver and enameled bracelet, and this hand of Fatima, which I am sure I will wear on a long chain with some other bits.

 Actually, I can't wait to get working in my sketchbook on some contemporary pieces inspired by the things I looked at, some of which I have added to the blog, and some of which I haven't - the pomegranate trees, the lemon trees and the olives. Lots of visual stimulation to get the creative juices going!

Turkish Amulets

And of course, I couldn't miss out the ever present amulets that the Turkish place everywhere to protect against the Evil Eye.

Some colour and pattern that I found

Turkish inspiration

If the suitcase had been big enough, I would have loved to bring home some of these doors that were piled up outside a shop in Kas.


I've just had two fantastic weeks in the Sunshine, blue skies and turquoise seas. I just had to share some photos here.

Firstly our Bougainvillea clad hotel.

8 August 2012

New Website

Early days - but I now own my own domain name, and have been creating a website. You can find it at www.charlottebezzant.com I am sure it will chop and change a bit until I am happy with it. I've never built a site before so it a bit of a learning curve! Please click the link and have a look, and let me know your comments, I really would love the feedback. C x

7 August 2012

Collage of Commissions

Here's just a few of the family commissions collaged together.

Collage of work

I have been thinking a lot about my photos as I have been doing an application for something. My computer is heavy with images taken of work in progress, finished work, work in different settings. Because of this, they look less cohesive than they would if they were taken all in one sitting, with the same background and light. I think it could be time to pay for some photography, instead of making it all up as I go along. I have been fiddling about putting images together into collages to see how they work together. What do you think?

4 August 2012

So much to do!

Tonight I have been filling in an application form for something that I would love to be part of, (as well as watching GB win three Olympic Gold Medals. As a runner, Mo Farrah reduced me to tears. Go Mo!) I don't want to jinx it by talking about it yet, but I am sure to keep you posted if it does work out.

Not only that; I have finally written my 'about' page, which is a new feature on Etsy. You can read it here.

I love what I do, genuinely enjoy making things, and love the happiness a commission can impart, but I swing between super confident, and then not at all sure. I think it's the same for a lot of creatives. Open Studio, and a recent big Charity fundraiser have left me bouyant after so many amazing comments, and reflected sales, but then this application makes me wonder if I am aiming too high. All we can do is try, and if my time is not now, perhaps it will be later.

In the meantime, I have some photos I have to put on CD ROM, a domain name to purchase, a website to write, some commissions to finish, an application to post, and not enough time to make all the things that I want to make!

Best be getting on! x