30 May 2011

My name in print!

Yesterday, TW11 Magazine plopped through the door, and it was lovely to see the ARThouse Open Studio article, complete with map and a couple of images of my work. It seems really close now. Just two weeks until I let people in to see my work, and me at work. I wonder if I will get any visitors!?!

26 May 2011

That Pink Topaz

It's now in a beautiful ring, all polished and hallmarked and SOLD! The stone is big - 4.54ct, and it looks stunning. I wish I was keeping this one!

The weather is a bit cloudy here right now, so I couldn't get great photos. It's even more pink in reality. Fingers crossed for a sunny day so I can get some good shots before I have to hand this one over!

Ready for delivery

I had a couple of things ready for delivery today, so just thought I would share my packaging with you. The tags are small cards with some images of my jewellery on, and on the back they have the web address for my Etsy shop and the blog. Cute hey?

19 May 2011

Twig necklace now in the Etsy shop!

I have just uploaded one of these into the shop. Click on the Etsy link on the right to take you to my store if you want one!

Commission your own ring.

If you liked the look of Karen's ring, or Allie's ring earlier in the blog, you can commission your own one of a kind, unique ring. I have got some lovely stones in stock - just not sure the photo does them justice!

They are (from top left clockwise) Pink Amethyst (16 x 12mm), Brazilian Amethyst (14 x 10mm), Pink Topaz (which someone has their eye on!) Green Brazilian Amethyst (10 x 8mm) just like the one in Allie's ring, and a gorgeous Yellow Flourite (13 x 10mm). A commissioned ring with one of these beautiful stones is £140.

Karen's Commission

I polished this ring and set the stone in it today. It is a gorgeous bright green 9mm x 11mm Peridot, which is one of my favorite stones. The ring is a commission for Karen. Now all it needs is sending off for it's Hallmark, and no doubt a final polish, before it is handed over.

13 May 2011

Oh so pretty.

Today I finished the first, and made a second, of these delicate twig necklaces. They are so pretty that I will definitely be keeping one for myself.

The silver chain is so fine, that I had to take great care when soldering it, so that I didn't melt it. I can't wait to get them in the tumble polisher, so they get that high shine sparkle finish.

They need hallmarking, but I hope to get them in the Etsy shop soon. Speaking of which, I added one of the pairs of 'aurora' bangles to the shop today. Someone has already marked them as one of their favourites.

11 May 2011

Look what my Dad made for me today...

...isn't he clever? Good old Dad. This morning, there was just an idea, and by 3 o'clock there was this.

I am toying with the idea of painting it pink!

10 May 2011

Tiny little rings

It's been a good day today. I have been thinking about doing some delicate little rings for some time. The silver for them arrived yesterday, so I have been hard at work. I have made a few stacking sets, and some that I will set with little semi precious cabochons. The sun has been shining and I would quite them to be 'all the colours of the sea', as the blue sky today just reminded me of being at the beach, with sun bleached washed out sand dunes in the background.

Here they are in the sunshine.

Of course, they have not been finished and polished yet. I think some will have a high shine, some a matt finish, and I think some will even be gold plated.

4 May 2011

"Life isn't about..."

I love this quote- "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain." Try it!

With the kids finally back at school, I could have a busy day back at work. I pulled out all my pieces currently in work to take stock of what I have got and what needs doing. I wrote a long 'to do' list, ordered some postcards to promote the open studio event, wrote an e-mail to a local magazine about ARThouse, posted a sold item off to it's new owner... busy, busy, busy!

I was delighted to see that these cufflinks were picked up within minutes of being posted on Etsy, and were included in a Treasury List there. Treasury lists are like mini mood boards on a theme, they are a lovely way to look at beautiful items, and they also help promote your stuff. Guess what? The theme of this Treasury was rain!