17 October 2012

Post PopUP

I gave myself 48 hours R&R after 14 days on the trot in the PopUp, but to be honest I could do with a bit more!

I really enjoyed my time in the shop. I was lucky enough to have sales almost every day, which is great in this economic climate, but I also loved it because I got to meet lots of interesting people and had the chance to chat to some of them about my work. It was also really nice to hear positive feedback, after a few full on weeks preparing for it.

I was amazed how many friends and acquaintances took the opportunity to pop in. Considering they all know my work, I was really touched by all the support. Thank you all. (I must be doing something right!) A special mention must go to Sally from the Parkshot Gallery, Lucy (ex) Arts Richmond team,  and various local artists who came in and chatted. I strongly believe in creating and supporting a local network for creatives, so the inclusion felt great. Feel the love!

Hopefully it will lead to a few future opportunities. It is already leading to more sales, as a commission order popped up first thing on Monday morning.

But back to reality...
...back to the studio.

Today I had five things to work on. (That's what comes with taking two weeks out from the studio.) I have a commission for a bangle for a graduation ceremony, some cufflnks for a 10 year Wedding anniversary, a tag to make and add to a Family necklace (another off spring was produced!), a past commissioned bangle to make smaller (guess work was in place from the person who commissioned it, but I am seriously worried about the 'correct' measurements they have now given me - this is the smallest bangle I have produced for an adult), and these three stacking rings, which were requested at Open Studio in June - good job I know the person well who is waiting for these. (And to be honest it's because I know her well that she got shuffled down the list - oops sorry Clare!) Hopefully she will think they were worth the wait in the end. In case you were worried - they are not finished!!! But its nice to have some pictures to go with the words.

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