30 October 2012

Festival of Crafts

Apologies all... blog postings have been a little sparse. I needed a little time for R&R post PopUp, but hopefully normal service will resume again soon.

A couple of weekends ago, I drove out to visit the Festival of Crafts at Farnham Maltings. It is a well known destination for Contemporary Craft and this Annual Festival has been on the go for 16 years. Farnham Maltings is a huge space, but subdivided into many rooms on many different levels, which actually gave different bits of the exhibition, a quite different feeling. I just hope I managed to see every bit - it is a bit of a warren.

I was keen to visit the event for lots of reasons... to surround myself with interesting and beautiful things, to get my creativity going, ...because on so many previous occasions I had meant to visit, and also very slightly considering the possibility of applying to show here in the future.

It was interesting to see some of the madebyhandonline.com makers there; Helen Brice and her rings set with lots of minute faceted gems, Henrietta Fernandez who's work I didn't know, and who's work I did like as some of it was clean and graphic like the direction my jewellery has been moving in.

Henrietta Fernandez

It was also nice to see the ceramics of Suet Yi. I liked the uneven shapes of her wall plaques and the muted colours.

So did I buy? ...Only a perfect latte and a morning pastry. But I enjoyed the visit, and I loved being able to take my boys and show them all the lovely things. I think its really important that they grow up being surrounded by art and craft, and there is just a little (massive) bit of me, that hopes they will grow up making things too.

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