1 November 2012

Gem shopping

The October Gem Fair is one of the bigger ones of the year. I came away with this little lot...


Blue Topaz, Ametrine and Green Amethyst

Small Periodot cabs, Green Tourmaline, Faceted Periodots

Pink Tourmaline
(Just could not resist these shades)


I have been feeling rather low about my jewellery right now (for reasons the censor asked me to remove!), but opening these up today brought a big happy smile to my face, and reminded me that I love what I do.


  1. Oooh, what beauties!

    Please don't let your joy be robbed, think how well you did at the pop up shop and other recent successes - but most of all, how you feel at the bench, with little creations emerging between your fingers, it is a kind of alchemy and we are so lucky to do it! You have a real gift - when I look at the details of your animal pieces in particular, the tiny details of shape- the curve of a paw or the tip of a nose - it really stands out in quality and skill and has enormous charm and beauty.

    Balance with family life is so tricky to get right, would be good to hear someone who has really nailed it, describe how? Bxx

  2. Thanks B. Life is full of sunny days and cloudy days. The clouds don't last forever, and eventually the sun reappears. Just got to keep remembering that! X