20 November 2012

What a lovely Show

I really enjoyed Sparkle. The setting is gorgeous, with the high vaulted ceilings of the Church. There were good crowds, and a lovely atmosphere. Healthy sales, were a pleasing reward after all the hard work of getting ready for it. Here are a few of my favorite stands:

This is Wick Hutton's fabulous oil lamp. I just NEED one of these! Unfortunately naked flames were banned, so you couldn't see the full glory of the flame coming out of the spot. Look at it's feet. Tiny pickle forks! LOVE.

Wick Hutton's garden candles and bird feeders made from vintage cups and saucers were best sellers. Rumor has it Wick had a very late night getting more stock ready for Sunday.

Wick's daughter Emma Hutton, makes the most fabulous jewellery. Her website here is well worth a visit. She makes unique and quirky pieces, which I would wear. She is self taught and has mastered the art of casting. She trained in theatre design, and as you can see here, her jewellery was displayed in a perfect little 'set'. 

Katherine makes the most scrummy sketchbooks, notebooks and diaries by hand, using traditional bookbinding techniques but with some amazing contemporary papers and fabrics. You can find her website here. As a sketchbook junkie, I thought her product was lovely, and she was possibly the most smiley person at Sparkle!

Known to me as the mouse lady, Claire has possibly the cutest stand ever. She doesn't do websites, blogs, or social media so she is tricky to shop from unless you see her in person, but you can e-mail her at claire212jacob@btinternet.com if you see a little handmade treasure on these jam packed shelves that you would like to own. Her prices start at 50p, and I don't think anything is over £10. She has teeny peg dolls, beautifully crafted bunting, palm sized mice, velvet strawberries with individually hand sewn beads for seeds, a stocking fillers dream, and guaranteed to make you smile.

And finally jeweller Alex Yule, who had jewellery made from castings of the most gorgeous minute urchin and muscle shells I have ever seen, amongst other things. Her website is here


  1. Thanks for the mention Charlotte, It was lovely to meet you and thought your stand looked stunning,White,wintery & Sparkly, and particularly loved your 'Hare' pins :-). Yes I agree it was a great show and worth the hard work, only 5 more events to go for me before Christmas, I hope the others will be as successful. Alex

  2. Really nice comments - thanks Charlotte
    If I'm going to get publicity like this I might have to start giving out some details and get a website!