11 July 2012

Work in progress

So much to do, (and now the kids have broken up for eight weeks of Summer holidays). Here are just some of the commissions currently on the go...

A bangle for someone's 40th with the initials of her children on. Some of my cufflinks that have miniature photos set behind glass for another 40th birthday. A 'Family' necklace commissioned by a Grandmother for a Granddaughter's Christening (her daughter is going to wear it until the Granddaughter is old enough to have it). The most precious 'Family' necklace that I have been asked to do; commissioned as a keepsake that will one day be passed to little G who's Daddy died before she was one.

It such a privilege to make things like this. Things that I know will be so special and precious to the wearer. Things like this are one of the reasons why I love what I do!

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