21 November 2011

One door closes, and another opens...

I visited Sparkle at the Landmark Centre on Friday evening. I was originally meant to be taking part in this event, but pulled out as I thought it would mean family taking second place in the build up to it, and decided that this was not right for us this year. In the end I am sure I could have done it, and actually I wished I was taking part as I went round - there was such a lovely atmosphere. The big old converted church that this Arts Centre is in really is a stunning venue. ... Next year - if they will have me!

As the title says, one door closes and another one opens. Yesterday I received an unexpected e-mail inviting me to be part of a pop-up gallery / shop in the West End in the run up to Christmas, so looks like I could be pretty flat out despite missing Sparkle. Luckily I am taking part in an event this Friday, so was a busy girl last week working on items for that, so stock levels are OK.

The 'to do' list is long! Last night I was up late sewing the little bags that are part of my packaging, I need to get my castings back and polish them all up, I am waiting for my order of new boxes to arrive, I have to keep on producing, oh and I have a Star wars party to organise for thirteen 5 and 6 year olds on Saturday. Guess I might skip some sleep this week!

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