7 November 2011

Inspired by India

Apart from my amazing trip to the Arctic, one of my other most amazing trips was out into the dusty landscape of Rajasthan some years ago. It really was a visual feast, and I know I will return there again one day. Anyway, I have known for sometime that my next mini collection would be of an Indian theme, but I was not sure exactly what form it would take. Today with the kids packed off back to school after a two week half term, I had the time to get working in the sketch book and then start working in silver on some paisly shapes.

I also recently picked up these amazing hand painted 'Gods' which I love. I found them when I was buying gems, as of course a lot of gemstones are cut in India so a couple of the dealers had these. They are so me - small pictures, set in silver, under glass!

Of course, the story will also feature stones, and I am thinking pink tourmaline, and possibly carnelian. Decades ago, the editor of British Vogue was quoted as saying 'Pink and orange are the navy blue of India', out in Rajasthan you can really believe it.

I'll keep you posted on progress. I really want to crack on with this while the ideas are fresh. Just wish I had instant access to some good gem beads.

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