23 November 2011

Christening keepsake

I finished this today and I really love it. it is a Christening bangle, but more than that, eventually the small tags can be worn on a chain, or it could even be used as a key ring. It has the name, the date of birth and a perfect little blue Aquamarine which is the birth stone for March. I think it is very special.

Actually the last week has been very productive. I have been a busy bee. Unfortunately the camera has conked (I had to use my sons for the picture above, but could I get it to take any more decent macro shots?!?) Anyway I have finished a Blue London Topaz ring which is such a stunning colour, a huge green amethyst ring, (which definitely has my name on it!), a delicate rose cut, round pillow shaped prehnite ring, four sets of pairs of bangles, the paisleys have come back from casting so there will be four or five necklaces done. I have just set it all out on it's tables, and I am really pleased with the results. On Friday it is going to be at a Charity Fundraiser event, where I will be donating 10% of my sales to a Cancer research project: Childhood Cancer: searching for the genes behind the disease. It also means stock levels are up for the opening of the Pop up shop which is happening next week.

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