11 November 2011

Pleased with the results...

I have just finished hand piercing (sawing) some little shapes for the collection I was working on this week, and I am going to send these ones off for casting. (A mould is made of my original, and then they can cast sterling silver replicas for me to avoid hours and hours of hand piercing.) I am really pleased with them. I think the different scales work really well in different combinations, alone and with semi precious beads and the Indian hand painted Gods that you can see in an earlier post.

All week I have been wearing a chocker with these two bits below on. (They have not been 'finished' in this photo- just work in progress.) I have decided not to cast the bigger shape, but to cut and solder this individually when I need it.

I was playing about with how some of the smaller bits look, and really like them in this combination. It's quite delicate for me, but I know I'll wear one of these.

Some are going to be gold plated.

I can't wait to get them back, but will have to be patient for a week or so, and then I'll need another week for hallmarking. Ooooo - wish I could speed it all up.

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