28 November 2011

Two new rings

Definitely time for some jewellery postings. Here are two new rings that are finished, hallmarked, and for sale. One is a gorgeous Pale Green Brazilian Amethyst. This is the second ring that I have done with a stone like this one, as the first was so beautiful.

The second is a stunning brilliant blue Topaz, which is a 'Blue London' coloured stone (this name refers to this specific shade).

They will be £110 each. If you want one, please e-mail me. I am not sure if they are going on Etsy, in the Parkshot Gallery, or into the Pop up Shop- but if you contact me direct, I can put one by for you.

By the way... what do you think of the boxes. They arrived just in time for the fundraiser on Friday and I have already used quite a few. I was really pleased with them, and thanks to Rachel for managing to get the order to me for the deadline. Some international orders sent out today - USA and a couple of bits to Japan. How exciting!

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