11 October 2011

What shall we learn today?

Actually, it should read 'what can I teach today?' Yesterday morning I really enjoyed teaching my friend Sophie to make a ring. Sophie is rather like me in that she makes all sorts of things from all sorts stuff, so I decided that we could do a skills swop and I would teach her how to make a ring, and she would teach me... who knows what on a different day.

Just because you can make, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can explain to others how to do the same. But it went really well. I think it was helped by the fact that Sophie is practical and used to working with her hands. After a few hours we had a lovely finished shiny ring.

I still remember (even though it was a long time ago!) that first evening class I went to, and the first exercise we did that was making a ring. I was astounded and delighted.

Now what I really need is some honest feedback from Sophie, as to wether I was any good, or where I 'could do better' trouble is I don't think she would be anything but polite!

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