21 October 2011

A small speck of sunshine

Some of my stuff is disappearing of to a gallery for a while, which might make life tricky if someone buys it from the Etsy shop- so today I was up early and made this little silver bezel, and set this lovely free form citrine to make a second "not all those who wander are lost" necklace. This way I still have the one that is in the Etsy shop in stock.

The pendant is etched, and has a soft brushed finish. With the citrine on this, it sits really well with the other pieces going on display, as the pair of bangles set with a similar citrine will also there.

I am actually really excited about a big chunk (16 pieces) of my work going off. They looked great all in their new packaging, so fingers crossed for a few sales, and some new interest.

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