5 October 2011


Not long ago I finished reading 'A dip in the Ocean' by Sarah Outen, a 23 year old who rowed solo across the Indian Ocean. The adventurer in me loves to read about other people's exploits. It started with 'Sally's Odd at Sea', which was written by a fellow Straggler Club runner. She rowed the Atlantic - with her mother!!! ... Anyway... I loved reading about Sarah being joined in the middle of nowhere by huge meandering albatrosses. I like to think that I can imagine just how she felt. It inspired this necklace that is shown in work on my bench peg tonight.

It sounds like Sarah misses her mum when she is off on her travels, and I am sure her mum misses her. I had a romantic idea about making them matching albatross necklaces with my little 'not all those who wander are lost' etched onto them, but for now, I'll settle for this one which I will finish off and pop in the Etsy shop.

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