16 December 2011

Beautiful garnets

I spent a little time today working with these micro faceted garnets. I have bought quite a few semi precious beads recently, but have not used any of them until today. Beading is a skill of its own, with new tools and components to learn about. With the right tools, I managed to achieve what I was intending. This was a good dry run for the beading I want to use in my polar bear necklace. I used the garnets today, as I have been working in the sketchbook on Valentine ideas (!). I definitely want to use etched text in the pieces, but it will also be nice to incorporate some semi precious beads. I have been wearing this today, and it sparkles beautifully.

The photo does not really do justice to the gorgeous colour of the garnets, but hey; there was no daylight and not even a daylight bulb to be seen!

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