1 December 2011

Finished Paisleys

I am so pleased with these (am I allowed to say that?) I have travelled in India, worked WITH India (my days in the Fashion Industry), worked IN India (hopping on planes to sort out production issues) and there are bits of it that I love, love, love. In fact I can't wait to go back to Rajasthan - (but who knows when I will manage that?)

For ages I have been mulling over doing something Indian inspired, and finally with the catalyst of picking up some beautiful hand painted miniatures of Gods and Goddess I got cracking in the sketch book and came up with  a paisley motif that I was really happy with. (Blogged earlier.)

Some sawing and piercing later, I had an array of shapes that I really loved. They have now been small batch cast (so I don't have to cut them out each time), and after Hallmarking and polishing; some are now ready and in in the Etsy shop - as well as round my neck!

There is more work to do with them. For a start,  a bit more mix and matching with the Gods, a few more photos to be taken, and some gold plating to be finalised. - Now that's exciting!

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