12 March 2012

Today's work

Here's what I have been working on this morning. More Arctic hares.

I love the plain simplicity of the un-etched sitting one. The first one of these that I made, sold before I even had a decent photo of it, so apart from the fact I love it, it was a perfect reason to make another. The leaping one will probably have one of the new moonstones added. I have done a new one of these as someone close to me has their eye on one (- and it is Mother's day on Sunday!) The etched one has a snippet of the words I wrote in Finland last year - "the pale sunlight of the North rose across the Wilderness" and one of the new moonstones. All of them have a brushed finish. Originally I was going to oxidise the text, but now I think I might leave it as it is, a subtle trace. I am not done with the Hares just yet. I think there will be an opening box / locket type one. I really love tiny opening things, but I shy away from them as mini hinges are such hard work as they must be so precision perfect. I was re-reading a Tim McCreight book that I have all about boxes and lockets yesterday, and I will persevere - practice makes perfect!

It was the one year anniversary of the devastating tsunami in Japan yesterday, so it seems apt that I am sharing my work bench today with some cherry blossom. x

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  1. I am deep in hinge trauma at the moment!

    Gorgeous hares. X