11 March 2012

All the colours of the sea

Yippeee, it's been gem shopping weekend. I was on the hunt for some aquamarines, and found lots of scrummy stuff. It's a bit of a departure from my usual faceted stones, so hope it goes down well. Here's a look at my shopping.

I couldn't resist a few faceted ones - a couple of Green Brazillian amethysts, a couple of topaz, an aquamarine, and some tiny white sapphires. There are also some rainbow moonstones here, for arctic creatures, and also some aquamarine faceted beads in a couple of shades, and some Apatite beads.

Someone asked me the other day where my inspiration comes from. It can be from all sorts of things, but I love being outdoors, in the wilds of nature. My palette is very subdued anyway, but I wonder if the day at the coast the other weekend had anything to do with this...

Just can't wait to get busy; just wish there were more hours in the day.


  1. Ohhh yummmm! Mouth watering colours. Do they seem edible or is it just me being odd?! (Don't answer that actually!) Those are my favourite stone colours (aquamarine is my birthstone so maybe something to do with that?). Others I go a bit weak at the knees for are labradorites, smoky quartz and lemon citrines. Obviously diamonds (black make me very excitable!), saphires and other big bucks babies are lovely but such an investment. I love the tactility of rough or uncut stones and I think they look a bit edgier and unusual. I have found an american company called The Raw Stone which looks interesting - prices on their site are retail so don't faint if you have a gander! xx

  2. Love these colours Charlotte. Where was the dune picture taken? My favourite place to be...by the sea ^_^ best wishes, andrea

  3. This was on the South Coast. A long, long, sandy beach called Camber Sands in Sussex. I just love this place in winter when it is deserted and windswept. It is near a town called Rye, which has gorgeous steep cobbled streets, lots of tea shops, antique shops, and a very ancient haunted hotel!

  4. Nice place and nice beads too. I got recently necklace of Aquamarine Beads and it's color is same as shown above. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hey thanks for looking and commenting. I just love aquamarines!