28 March 2012

Get on with some work!

There definitely doesn't appear to be enough work going on here on this blog, so I thought I better add a post today so the world knew that apart from marathon training / selecting my new garden studio (yippeee!) / attending the 2012 Open Studio meeting / helping to organise the Diamond Jubilee Street party etc., etc., I was doing some jewellery today.

I was working with these pretty aquamarine faceted beads, as I am planning some bangle sets with these involved (a 'plop' to string, give me a blow torch any day!)

I was also thinking about polishing up these other castings - which actually is a time consuming job as they are quite rough when they come back from the casters.

And I happily started working on a new idea that I have been mulling over for some time. The first of a locket / box / book type thing (I'm sure I will decide what it is called as it evolves) to wear on a necklace. I have been sketching them for some time, but today I just decided to take the plunge, and start making one, as I often work well in 3D, letting ideas evolve as I go along. I'll keep you posted on these.

And for good measure... the weather was amazing here 22 degrees in March. Summer blue skies, and I took this picture of the amazing blossom in my front garden. A tree that my brother and his wife bought me a few years ago when we had our front garden done.

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