1 March 2012

Arctic Hares

Just finished these two brushed silver Arctic Hares and have handed them over to the Parkshot Gallery along with my very favourite polar bear piece. To be honest I don't really want to part with the polar bear, but I have handed him over as there is an opportunity that is too good to miss...

Brushed Arctic Hare pin brooch with moonstone. 40mm wide.

Brushed Arctic Hare pin brooch. Height 27mm.

This weekend, Desire the Jewellery and Silversmithing Fair is taking place in Queen Charlotte Hall at Parkshot. This means that the place will be full of people who love silver jewellery - you can understand why I was keen to get them finished.

Bravely I have left my coat at the Gallery. The charcoal wool shows the pieces off a treat, and would be great for displaying them. I just hope it does not end up in lost property! 

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