8 February 2012

What do I see

I just love reading makers blogs; finding out what they are working on, reading about what inspires them. I realised that I love seeing little snippets of life, beyond the workbench, or studio, so today I am posting some pictures that I took yesterday, in the gorgeous Spring sunshine, of the things that I look at and love.

I live in a Victorian house, and in the morning, the sun streams into this room and lights up some of my favourite objects. They are:

'Between the Headlands' by Janet Bolton. Janet is a British folk artist who's work is known and collected around the world. She makes gorgeous pictures with old textiles and found objects. I attended one of her workshops over a long weekend at the amazing West Dean in Sussex. Her works were dotted around the studio as inspiration, and I couldn't help buying one after gazing at it for days. Janet is a generous and inspiring person to be with, and I am happy to say this purchase was worth the investment as it makes me happy when ever I look at it.

'Mabel and Mr Fox', by Julie Whitmore. Julie lives in the US. I found her work here in her Etsy shop. You can't help smiling when you see her style. This piece was commissioned after a nasty fox, caught Mabel my gorgeous light Sussex chicken. I am happy to report she survived the ordeal. The Victorian bell shaped glass dome, was a great find at the amazing (one of Europe's largest antique markets) Sunbury antiques market, which is just down the road from me in Kempton Park.

'Snowdrops' an original etching by my mum! And all the snowdrops are out in the garden right now.

A miniature wedding cake favour, from my wedding 10 years ago. You didn't used to be able to buy anything like this, but I am sure you could now. This was such a team effort. My brother made a mould and cast all the cakes out of plaster. My dad cut out and made all the perspex boxes, I printed all the labels, and my bridesmaid and I drank Champagne while we painted all the little silver hearts!

'Charlie and his red Gibson' another Etsy commission from a talented guy in the States. You can find Cory at his shop PalmerandJane here. Cory really did a great job on this, and it made my Charlie smile when he opened it on Christmas day.

Smile :-)

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