7 February 2012

A ring a week.

I'm not the first person to do it, and I won't be the last, but I have decided to get going on a 'ring a week' project. I love making rings, creating bezels and setting stones, and this seems a great way to keep challenging myself and also adding to my body of work. I am going to try and do a ring a week for... not quite sure how long, but I do have a timescale in mind that I won't share just now!

The thing about small pieces like rings is that you can try lots of new techniques with a small amount of precious metals (with silver being as expensive as it is). I can use my etching skills, my piercing skills, and my stone setting skills. There are lots of ways of setting stones that I don't often use. The big stones I use normally sit in bezels, but I will use some flush settings, tube settings, and claw settings through this project.

I am planning to take lots of pictures of the processes and the finished items, some of which I will share here.

Pass me a sketchbook, and - does anyone care to join me?

Talking of rings... Sold this lovely huge pink amethyst ring last week, but it flew off the customer's finger onto her kitchen floor with a disastrous result. The stone chipped like a flint (a conchordial fracture apparently - you learn something new everyday!) and the stone flew out. I am making her a new ring, as I was thinking how I would feel if the same thing had happened to me. If only everyone behaved this way (maker of ceramic angel knocked over by my infant take note!)   :-)

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