23 February 2012

Successful etching

Oh thank goodness. Today I have managed quite a few successful etches (after the first one of the day went wrong due to the acid leaking in under the protective film.) I went low tech, back to nitric acid and a feather (!) as I have had so many struggles with the ferric in the bubble tank these days.

As you can see from the below photo, I am using the wording 'the pale sunlight of the north rose across the wilderness' on one of my arctic hares.

I am looking forward to getting these finished and in the shop. I also took the opportunity to use the light box to expose a few more phrases onto the film I use when etching, so I am off to try my ferric with a feather now! (The etchers among you will understand what I'm going on about.)

Oh... and its a gorgeous warm and sunny spring day here. Glorious!

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