7 February 2012

Nasty chemicals

Well technically 'salts' as opposed to nasty chemicals...

I am really buzzing today as I finally decided to order the dangerous stuff that I use for etching, for my home studio. Until now I have gone out to another studio to etch as I was so nervous about the combination of liquids that can eat through silver, and two small boys around the house.

I love etching and the results I can achieve with the photo etching process- wether this is images or just words. I also find that my etched pieces sell well. It is a fairly specialist skill, and perhaps there is not so much of it about, or perhaps it is the well thought out bits of wording that I use, that makes these items popular. I also like to etch the names and dates on commissioned pieces, where other makers might be 'stamping' into metal. I just feel it adds a little more craftsmanship to a piece.

Here is one of my earliest photo etched pieces. I love this image, but can't claim it as my own original artwork I am afraid. It was a design on a plate. As such this is something I enjoy wearing, but could never sell. Us designer / makers must respect other peoples work and images, although we may find after  we have designed something, that something similar already exists, it is important not to copy!

Old piece, old photo. Good to see I have improved at taking pictures of shiny objects!

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