30 June 2013

Vintage and handmade

I had a lovely visit to the Selina Lake, Vintage and Handmade Fete this weekend. It was taking place in the gorgeous old market Hall in the middle of Kingston's historic market; a hop and a skip away from where I live.

It was a chance to finally meet Viv from Hens Teeth, who's quirky Textile Art I have admired for some time, and who I have chatted with on line, but have never met. I was also the opportunity to put faces to names of other makers who's work I had stumbled over on facebook and Twitter, and to see their pretty wares.

With offers of cake and home made lemonade from the Vintage Tea Room, my boys were persuaded that they did want to spend part of their Saturday here.  (Perhaps due to the trade off that I would go to the toy shop afterwards.) So while they ate, I had the chance to sneak around and take some pics.

Pincushions by Mabel and Bird

Ceramic jewellery by Abby Monroe

Bundles of Vintage pegs from The Linen Garden

Vicky at The Linen Garden's pretty floral stand.

Cheryl-ann Taylor's Stand (Look at her name handmade in lace!)...

... her selection of clips

...and corsages. 
(Cheryl-ann; your teeny crochet bunting has really inspired me to press on with my attempts at crochet!)

'Open for business' with Little a Designs...

...where you could buy corsages ready made or in kits to make yourself.

And finally the work of Viv at  Hens Teeth

Including lovely brooches hand made with vintage textiles, hand and machine embroidery, and vintage haberdashery.

Oh and what with it being the Selina Lake Vintage Fete, Selina Lake was there busy signing her books...

They are a jolly and friendly lot the Vintage crowd. The place was packed to bursting with happy shoppers, and the atmosphere was great. 

I hope you have time to visit some of the maker's pages, just follow the links with the photographs. xx


  1. Thank you Charlotte, it was wonderful to finally meet you. xxx

    1. Lovely to meet you too Viv, but it didn't feel like the first time I met you! Your stand looked gorgeous! x

  2. Looks great! Lovely pictures!