11 June 2013

This does not get jewellery made...

So lots of you have enjoyed looking at the collage of photos that I made this morning. Here is a little post to go with it.

Instead of tripping down to the studio today, I dropped the kids at school and whizzed just along the road to my local Antiques market. Luckily for me, my local market is one of the biggest in the country and one of Europe's premier ones. It is a huge sprawling expanse that takes place twice a month, with dealers from all over, including lots from France and Belgium, that load their vans up and make the trip over. It starts early, and by lunch time it is gone. The stall holders were all very friendly and let me take my snaps. I always asked first and they were very grateful.

There were lots of scrummy things to store stuff in. This time there seemed to be a proliferation of pigeon holes. I had my eye on this: glass fronted drawers. I may be best known for my silverwork, but I  have a love of textiles, and my fabric stash would look amazing in here...

And there were no end of crates, tubs, boxes, galvanised tins, wire baskets that would make any work room look a dream.

I fell in love with this small ancient Asian cupboard, probably about 75cm tall. The most amazing shade, and the paint all gorgeous and peeling. It was out too expensive for me though, so sadly I couldn't take it home.

As I was wandering, I was thinking off all my maker chums, and the things they would love. Belinda at Wild Acre has been selling bouquets in Mason jars, so these 1930's blue ones might do for her. Apparently the blue colour was caused by impurities in the sand that was used to make the glass.

I always think of Viv at Hens Teeth, when I am places like this. I am sure she would have loved...

I found Daisy Moon blog yesterday, and I thought how much Daisy's Arkletts would like to ride in this. (I am sure Julie would approve!) (It was very difficult not to buy this.)

I came away with some little treasures, which I will tell you about another day. Some of them came from this box of Wartime love letters between 'him' and 'her'. I am off to read them now...

Good night!

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