15 June 2013

Follow me Friday

Up to town to end the week. Home is on a main train route from S W London to the centre. Why not come with me...

Out at Bank tube Station, and past this charming row of 'Boris Bikes' named after our haystack haired Mayor of London.

Wander up to Gutter Lane, St Paul's on my left.

Pop in to the Assay Office at Goldsmith's Hall. Here the purity of my work is tested and British hallmarks and my makers mark applied. Today I had something to discuss, so I went into the 'airlock' one locked door off reception, but another locked door to the inner sanctum, in case I was a master criminal!

We decided the thing that I was discussing would not work, so I walked down to London's Jewellery Quarter - Hatton Garden. Lots of diamond's sparking in windows, and best of all a young couple spilling out onto the street, bottle of Champagne in one hand, admiring a sparkling ring on the other. They were wrapped in pure joy. I couldn't help smiling.

Wander down the road. (Gratuitous London shot for you.)

Hope on the tube.

Walk along The Embankment to Somerset House, where the jewellery show 'Treasure' is taking place.

Catch up with a friend who has a stand there, and enjoy having a look around and spotting some lovely things, and talking to some lovely people.

Back over Waterloo Bridge.

Along the South Bank where a fashion shoot was taking place in the skate park. The model must have been about seven foot tall, and her sequined jacket sparkled like mad.

Through the recently beautifully landscaped Jubilee Gardens, under the London eye.

To Waterloo Station. Why the clock? Well I think all Londoner's must have at one time in their lives had a 'meet me under the clock' moment.

On the train, tired feet.


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