22 June 2013

A workshop with Abigail Brown Textile Artist

I have just spent a great day with Textile Artist Abigail Brown, and a lovely bunch of people, on a bird making workshop. Here are some photos of my day in Abigail's studio at Cockpit Arts.

We arrived to find the table laden with scraps of fabric in every colour.

Abigail had already machined our little bird bodies, in our own pre-selected colours, to make sure we had enough time to finish a bird by the end of the day. After a concentrated period of activity, we all ended up with a basic bird that looked like this. (And if you want to know how to do this yourself, book yourself on one of Abigail's wonderful workshops.)

Next came the tricky task of selecting the fabrics that we would use to embellish our bird. As well as the table full Abigail had provided, I had taken lots of bits with me, but really had no idea which bits I would use.

Slowly my little bird began to take shape, and his little personality began to emerge.

It can be difficult knowing when to stop adding bits!

We wrapped the little feet in fabric, and bound them in thread.

We made their little beaks.

I added some delicate stitches.

And at the end of the day, we put our birds together, and we had made this lovely little flock. They were all so different. 


Abigail was the perfect host, generous not only with her tea, biscuits, and fabric scraps, but also her knowledge. She was kind enough to share her techniques, and give us all a helping hand, in return we promised not to make these birds for commercial gain. Please be respectful and do not treat this blog post as a tutorial. 

If you want to make your own little bird, (or buy one of Abigail's utterly amazing creations), please look at her website here for future workshop dates. 

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