16 June 2012

Mel White at Treasure

Whizzed up to Treasure on Friday, that was being held at Somerset house. I walked from Waterloo across one of the Jubilee Bridges. I love this view from there, although it always reminds me of the end of the Marathon, and how you have to do the steps up and down of this bridge, with such tired legs!

My intention was to visit Mel White, who has been in the same studio as me a bit recently. She was showing in Essence which was the Ethical section of Treasure.

It was great to see Mel's stand, and to see her enjoying the event. I am really looking forward to hearing how it went for her. A stand at Treasure is a big financial commitment, so I hope it went well. Mel is showing at my Open Studio next weekend - it will seem such an anti climax for her!!! 

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