11 June 2012

A busy day in the studio

The rain was constant here today, but I was all snug in my studio with the rain drumming on the roof. It's only two weeks to Open Studio now - plus I have a whole pile of commissions; so it really is time to get my head down (especially as the kids were off school last week and nothing got done.) Here is what I did while the kids were at school today.

Clockwise from top left.

1.Soldered together the torque I have been working on
2.Finished soldering the Polar Bear necklace commission - just needs polishing, hallmarking and the stone setting
3.Made a teeny ring with a 5mm CZ as a bit of an experiment (unfinished)
4.Finally finished setting the stones on my latest commission for the US
5.Started adding some brooch pins onto my arctic hares
6.Gypsy set this 3mm stone in a chunky silver band I made last week

I'm planning another hour or so in there later when the kids are asleep. I was gem shopping at the weekend, and I have some lovely sky blue Topaz that I want to make into rings.

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