10 June 2012

Just got to love a Boot sale

Nothing to do with jewellery stuff - but this morning my little family headed out to a big field nearby for a spot of 'car booting'. I managed to spend just a few pounds, and come away with a whole host of china beauties. My favorite must be this Victorian Moustache tea cup for £1. I am sure they have a real name, but I don't know what that is.

Basically, the cup has a little shelf inside for your moustache (not that I have one you understand!) to rest on. The shelf has a little hole in it, so you can sip your tea; but the beauty of this little number is that you don't get left with any embarrassing tea slops on 'yer tash!

Best of all the fancy gold writing says "Rev. A Jones Vicar of Bronington". Do you think he used it for Vicarage tea parties? Quite literally "More tea Vicar?"

Must do some research into this and find out all about it.

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