20 September 2011

Tuesday's wish list

I have a great work space at home where I can do almost every process I need, (except etching which involves lots of nasty corrosive chemicals) but if I had a lucky windfall I would blow it on the following things:

A good pendant drill - although expensive, a good one would be a very useful addition. Cheap electric drills just haven't got the strength.
An ultrasonic cleaner - I just received a catalogue with a pink one in it!
A chenir cutter - a handy bit of kit that holds tube or wire in place so you can then cut it straight. Over £50 so definitely a luxury.
Some shot and barrelling compound for my tumble polisher, you wouldn't believe the price.

Although the etching involves nasty chemicals, it does play an important part in my work, so it would be great to have a bubble tank, a UV lightbox, some nasty chemicals of my own.

I think I better start doing the lottery!

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