15 September 2011

The Lesser Bear

I think it's something to do with my fascination with the frozen North, but I had in my mind to work on a Polar Bear piece. Unfortunately, one of these amazing creatures hit the headlines for the wrong reasons this Summer. Here is the shape I have cut out as a centre piece of a necklace.

I was thinking about the Great Bear constellation, and the North Star which is part of it, and originally thought I might have this marked out on the piece and use minute real diamonds for the stars. I have moved the ideas on a bit since then, but that version might resurface?

The Great Bear is also known as Ursa Major, and it is echoed in the sky by Ursa Minor - which is also known as the Lesser Bear (how cute). This has Polaris, or the North Star at its tip. Mmmnnn, I can imagine something sparkly or a crystal appearing on this necklace to indicate this.

For a long time, I have wanted to combine semi precious beads with silver, after seeing an amazing necklace at West Dean one year. I have got some gorgeous little faceted moonstone beads, and some purply blue iolites that remind me of the sky. Not quite sure exactly how it will look yet, but I will post as it progresses.

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