21 September 2011

Pooh, you smell funny!

Quite an apt. post since I am reading David Walliam's 'Mister Stink' to the kids for bedtime story this week. Actually the pong in this case is Liver of Sulphur. Yes, my house wiffs of rotten eggs! (I can probably get away with it as long as the Queen doesn't drop in for a cup of tea.) See what I have to put myself through in the name of art?

For those that don't know this odorous concoction is used to add a dark patina to silver. In my case, I use it to darken etched text, so it contrasts well against polished silver. The little bottle in this pic, is like a foul stink bomb. I use a little paint brush to paint it on, and when it's dried I polish back the piece so it remains only in the words. You can see I have started polishing back one tag. The little soldier is an egg cup that I squirted it into, he is standing guard over my workbench.

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