15 June 2011

Today the sunshine.

Yesterday the sea... today the sunshine. When I got the stone I was using yesterday, I also picked up these citrines. I wish I had got more of them, they are such a fabulous sunny colour, and are also the 'free form' shape that I love. I am making a ring with the biggest one, and think it will probably have a matching bangle. I want to pierce out the back of the bezel to 'let the sun shine through', and am going to dig out my little electric drill to start me off, and to see if it is up to the job.

Not sure I will mange to finish this ring today as I have also been busy with a couple of my twig bangles as I have an order for one, and I also decided to make another one with gold in as it looked so beautiful.

A silver twig bangle is in the shop, and also yesterday's ring has been added. Please click on my name under the Etsy shop thumbnails on the right to visit it.

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