21 June 2011

The art of copyright

So I finally published an image of my signature piece on Etsy. I love this necklace, and I haven't seen anything like it out there... sure there are things with tags and names and dates, but I am really proud of the design of this and have been worried that once I show it, I will soon see versions of it popping up here and there. This necklace came about as I wanted to make something for my mum about the women in our family. It has me, my mother, and my grandmother on it - plus names of kids, dates of births etc. The size and shape were well considered and thought out. It took some time to get this just right. Whenever my mum wears her one, or I wear mine - people always comment. It is subtle, but always provokes interest. I must say it certainly did that this weekend.

Available as a commission piece, I etch the tags, and set the photos under picture glass, which I individually file to the correct size - to set the pictures under resin just didn't seem right for such a timeless heirloom piece. If you want to commission one of these, I don't expect you to have perfect black and white miniature photographs- you can e-mail me normal sized images and I can do the rest. You can order this through the link on the right, or contact me on my e-mail which is detailed in the post below.

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