27 June 2011

Over 30 degrees today?

It's already 25 degrees today, and it is meant to reach over 30 later. Quite frankly a scorcher!

I have just polished this pendant. I sold it during my Open Studio, but it needed a Hall Mark before going off to it's new owner. It seems very apt for today's weather as it says 'dipping your toes in the warm ocean'. To me, this is the holidays in Thailand that we used to take every year before we had kids. A flight and a rucksack and we were away hopping from island to island. White sand, palm trees, a straw hut on the beach for the night, and warm blue seas. I first etched these words for a friend who was once my bridesmaid. I am sure she will always be an adventurer, off to explore or dive in some exotic destination. We may have drifted, as our lives have gone in different directions, but when I read these words I always think of her.

Funnily enough, it is hard parting with this one; but I have a feeling it may end up with a few beads and bits attached, and I think it will give lots of pleasure to it's eventual new owner!

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