14 June 2011

All the colours of the sea

I have recently been trying to track down gems that have been cut in quite natural shapes. It seems I have set myself a difficult task, as they are definitely VERY thin on the ground. The whole point of gem cutting, is to create many facets which the light bounces off to give the gem it's sparkle, so the kind of thing I have been looking for is the opposite of what dealers have to show. However, after talking to someone who I have bought from before; they did manage to come up with something for me, and I have been working with these stones today.

Hmmmm, this has been tricky to photograph... these are all the same gem, but at least they show how different it looks as it catches the light.

This gem is an aquamarine. Not a perfect oval,  not any particular cut, in fact quite a 'free form' shape. The colour is the palest bluey green. You can see it has inclusions / speckles, and although to some this is a complete reject, to me it is beautiful. It really is a nugget of nature.

I created a bezel for the stone, and put it on the finest of silver rings. I set the stone with a rubover setting, and was really very pleased with the result. It just reminds me of the sea, how it can change from blue to green in different lights. Here is the finished result.

It turned out just as I had hoped and I was delighted with the very natural looking result.

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